Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Making A Garden Teepee

A teepee for the children's garden.

While I was at the library, I came upon a book titled Stitched At Home by Mandy Shaw. Inside, there was a project for a DIY garden teepee. Looking at the photographs convinced me this teepee would make an awesome hide-out for my son when he's in the garden.

The garden teepee is made using outdoor fabric.

Since the teepee is going to be in the garden throughout the entire summer, it is made with outdoor fabric. I'd hate to spend all my time making the teepee only to find the colours have faded (or the fabric torn from the weather) at the end of summer!

“D”rings helps to secure the teepee firmly to the ground.

What I like about her teepee was the added “D” rings. Sewn onto each corner, it helps to anchor the teepee firmly into the ground. 

Appliqué using satin fabric, and metallic thread.

For the appliqué, I used scraps of satin left over from my Superhero Cape Project. I used metallic threads to satin stitched around the edges.

Long strips of fabric ties are sewn onto each pole casting, and are held up with small cable ties.

Once the teepee was completed, I found the fabric kept “sagging” down the poles. I didn't understand the author's instructions with the use of velcro. So to solve this problem, I made long fabric ties and sewn them to the top of each pole castings. Small cable ties are used to secure them in place.

The fabric ties are wrapped tightly around the poles,  and at the same time, hide the cable ties.

Once everything is fasten with cable ties, it is just simply wrapping the fabric ties around the poles a few times to complete the teepee.

Children's play nook.

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